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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Next Social Network's IndieGoGo Campaign

Contribute Here: IndieGoGo 
 Every cent counts! We need your support! 

Short Summary!

Here at Netw0rked want to build and create the best new social networking site out there. So far we have most of the site built, we just need funds to help start up the company. Our site will include many awesome features, like: 

-User System (Log In, Register, Log Out)
-Messaging System
-Ability to post stuff (YouTube Videos, links, text)
-50+ Emoticons
-Search System (Browse Users)
-Like Button, Dislike Button, Drama Button (More Coming Soon)
-Nice UI (User Interface)
-Easy to Use!
-Account Settings 
-Ability to comment on someone's post
-Games ($10 - $25 to put your flash game on the site!) 
-Ads Program ($5 - $10 per month to put your ad on the site!)

We're plan on Adding:

-Live Chat Room
-Ability to Add a Bio, Job, Age, Gender (To your Profile)
-Friends / Follow System
-Ability to set a profile picture
-Verified Account System
-Special Collaboration Feature (To help people collaborate with each other)

And a ton of other awesome stuff! We work hard day and night to make the best social networking site as possible! We live and breath Netw0rked. Once we launch the site we will be adding much more features!

About the Team!

-Founder and CEO: Kayden Rice | Age: 13 | Twitter: @m_kayden
Experience: I have a lot of experience in running companies and working with people. I've been programming since I was at the age of 10, and I started making my own companies when I was 12. The programming languages I know are: C++, C, C#, .NET, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Batch, and a bit of AJAX. I plan on learning a lot more languages over time. I've made all sorts of different types of web applications, games, desktop applications, websites etc.. And 95% of the people loved them. I live and breath computers, programming and Netw0rked.

-Marketing Manager: Mike Bowen | Age: 34 | Twitter: @xMonsterMobilex
Experiences: My name is Mike Bowen aka as Monster Mike, the Co Owner of Monster Mobile Marketing. I'm a mind on a mission that has created 3 iOS apps and have recently been published in The App Developer Magazine. 34 years old and I'm just getting warmed up.

-Head Designer: Devin Spell | Age: 16 | Twitter: @DevinSpell
Experiences: I'm a 16 year old high school student who has been messing around with computer graphics for about 4 years, and in the last 4 months have become skilled in graphic design. I design all the graphics on my YouTube channel as well as I design lots of graphics for smaller channels throughout YouTube. I do graphics in my free time, mainly for money.

-Designer: Sam Cromwell | Age: 17 | Twitter: @SamCromwell1
Experiences: My name is Sam I'm 17 years old, and I love designing stuff. I started designing logos and banners a few years ago, and I got really good at making them. So I decided to keep doing it. I'm very good with PhotoShop and Pixlr. I can make all kinds of cool looking logos, banners, you name it! 

-Investor and CTO: Matt Neersoo | Age: 14 | Twitter: @DatChucklebeary
Experiences: Hey, I'm Matt. I have a lot of experience in being a CTO and an Investor. I've been on projects with Kayden before in the past, and they all worked our great. So I have no doubt that this project will skyrocket.

-CTO: Will Cromwell: | Age: 13 | Twitter: @WillCrom19
Experiences: Hey, I'm the other CTO here at Netw0rked. I know a lot about technology, and what not. I usually take care of the computer statistics and what computers they should have. I can't wait till Netw0rked launches. 

What We Need & What You Get

 Our goal for the funds is $500. All the money will be going towards:

-Our Host (The best hosting plan)
-Pay the Team for their Work
-Fund the Company 
-New Computers and Software
-Hire new programmers, designers, marketers, etc.

And that's pretty much it! We will also be needing some additional stuff, like addon to the site to protect the domain name and secure the site. It is very important that we get these funds.

Here's What YOU will get in return!:

-All Backers will get their name on the Backers Page on the official site!
-If you donate $10, you will get a special mention on our Twitter and Facebook Page!
-If you donate $50, you will get a 1 hour Skype call with the founder and CEO!
-If you donate $1000, you get 2% shares in the company!

The  Impact!

The impact we will be hopefully making will be huge. We are hoping to change the users social experience as best we can. Our dream at Netw0rked is to make something awesome that we like and that other people like and use in their everyday life, and we want this to sky rocket!If we do reach our goal, it will place a huge impact on how we socialize to people around the world. 

How we Stand Out from all the Others

Netw0rked is very unique and creative, since It's made by a 13 year old and everyone that works for him is older. We have a nice status rating system, where people can rate someone's post with the buttons: Like, Dislike, Drama, and there will be more coming soon. You can post a very nicely sized YouTube Videos, message your friends and family, play sweet games, and a ton more. We have a very creative and unique layout, unique graphics, logos, banners, icons and emoticons. And best of all you can trust us. All the information you put on the site, will Never be shared with anyone. So you know once you register and log in, that you will be safe from people knowing your information, and all of our features are very unique! We also let users put their flash games on the site for $10 - $25, if the game is good! Also we let people put their ads on the site for $5 - $10 per month! You will need to contact us to do so. We also have Entertainment on the site like Podcasts and Videos. 

Other Ways You Can Help!

If you don't have any money you can contribute, but you still want to help out, please share this campaign with your friends and everyone you know! You can follow us on Twitter (@_Netw0rked_) and Like us on Facebook  (

Have any questions?
If you have any questions feel free to either email us or tweet to us.

Monday, August 26, 2013

So say the Waiters review

       Highly original book that well was a bit different from mainstream fiction. Portraying an upcoming business model where people post weird requests and are taken to fulfill them by takers So say the Waiters promises an exciting journey filled with well things on exciting journeys! Naturally the mere mention of an exciting journey made me jump for the paperback.

     Well let's say this original journey was.... original. It had a very unique plot and felt well written. If you like more 18+ over type fiction this would be great. The cover was great, the free kidnApping bookmarks were cute, and the story wasn't bad. I suggest getting the free first episode on Kindle to see if you would enjoy it.

   3/5 The book was good but the language obviously makes it an 18+ over book. I liked the originality, but the book wasn't in my science fiction style. Still it intrigued me and wanted me to try +Justin Sirois  other books like Falcons on the Floor. Good job Sirois!