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Thursday, September 26, 2013


    Books this good usually don't show up on my radar. Yeah, I get a LOT of good books, but this was in a whole different category. It had a story I could associate with. A poor kid who didn't know his true identity suddenly is thrown into something he never would have imagined. Thankfully I'm not poor, I know my identity, but this premise is something you see happening all the time. Anywho the book itself was well formatted.

     Well the book was flat out amazing. From the storyline, to the plot, to the characters, to the writing prose. The book was simply amazing. No more to really say. One thing I must say is the cover is much too busy for my likings. I mean if you want to use it as artwork it be great but a much more simpler cover be nicer something less sci fiey. Still I must admit the book was targeted for nerds/geeks/other people.

   4/5 Excellent nerd sci fi totally deserving your money.

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