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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great British Chef's app review!


     Never have I seen such an impressive Windows 8 app since My History Digest. The Great British Chef's app was featured by about every Windows 8 related Microsoft blog's plus the Windows Store labeled as the best app ever for Windows 8. Being Jamaican/Italian I was a bit leery on the British part but I decided to take the plunge regardless. I thoroughly used the app (thinking about making the oxtail recipe actually) and was pleased with the beautiful animations and how they put content first.


      At first the app takes about 20 seconds to open which feels like eternity. I was pretty ticked off at the app for making me wait but then the app finally started working and I was like WOW! The app felt like butter with all the animations etc. It had every thing under the hood and more! The live tile worked, the animations made it look better, the way the app flowed with text was nice, and the snap view is amazing. Never have I seen an app that I couldn't fully capture with screenshots. Another nicety was the addition of videos showcasing recipes. The video function worked well and fast. The last benefit was the addition of sharing functions that made it feel fully functional.


     Need I say more? The design as JJ might say is DYNAMITE!


5/5 This app is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Everything about the app was good not ONE bug.

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