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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Guns Windows 8 app review


Just about every platform has some kind of app that mimicks the sound of a gun like an M-16, Deagle, or .50 cal as a prank or just for fun. I installed the highly acclaimed Guns HD which closes as soon as I open it. This app had a surprisingly nice design with 8 guns and various achievements. It could use some work with bugs etc but overall nice experience.


The app isn't hard to figure out. It has eight guns of various classes that you can tap to fire. I've had a couple of gun apps (albeit for Android) that I was surprised not as good as this app. Start up speed was average, the tile was nicely designed, and the app was very nice overall. No speed issues and the sounds were pretty authentic. The app doesn't have any sharing features or any settings which wasn't too surprising. The app never crashed on me and the animations are so - so. The sounds are pretty loud and the information was very well informational. The achievements could be good if they worked. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Obviously there are bugs to be fixed but the app was free so I can't really complain too much.


This is where I give the app major kudos. The design for an app of this caliber (no pun intended) was phenomenal. It had a perfect MDL content first look and feel. Never have I seen an app with a (obviously) low budget have such a grand design. It does have its pitfalls like it doesn't have the best background (quality a bit low) but overall it is a winner for me. Information is well laid out and the typography is neat.


4/5 The design really resonated with me above the average functions for this "category" of apps. I was satisfied that the dev put enough effort into this app and its Windows Phone counterpart that we will see updates later on to make it a five star winner.

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