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Monday, July 8, 2013

(official) Twitter for Windows 8 app review


A lot of times official apps for WP8 or Windows 8 really really stink. The original Twitter app for Windows Phone was terrible. They updated it with a similar look (suited for portrait mode of course) and a more cleaner minimalistic style. The Windows 8 version is much better than I originally would have expected so much so I decided against installing MetroTwit or Rowi.


Well I do use Twitter a lot and the fact it updates its live tile with my latest interactions is really great. All I have to do is glance at the tile which saves time in my busy schedule. Another boon of the app is the 1/3 snap functions. It basically works like the WP8 app when you do a 1/3 snap (don't have Windows 8.1 so I can't do a 50/50 snap) it can do everything it does in regular mode a bit smaller though. That like Messenger makes it easier to multitask then having multiple windows open. It loads everything quickly with nice animations. Unlike other Twitter clients it shows all Twitter functions in a nice minimalistic view. The search is really useful and everything loads quick. You can share tweets from the app which I wasn't expecting a complete plus. I have literally NO complaints so far.


As an ardent follower of MDL which says put content first the app design is clean and minimalistic. The design is a bit spare with some empty space not too much. The app design I really have no qualms over which is vastly superior to the website or clients like Tweetdeck.

4/5 An excellent app with an excellent design. I do deduct some points for not displaying Twitter page art which I have always liked. A background or even a gallery of tattoos for the home feed would be nice. If you do use Twitter a lot I recommend this app.

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