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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is the Future: Fire extinguiser


     Fire extinguishers have always been big, bulky red cylinders, but effective at putting out small fires. Now designer Philip Andersson has made a light and easy to use fire extinguisher that can be held in your hand and stashed in a bag for use anywhere. Say you have a bug out bag and you live in an urban setting where fires could be a problem in a survival situation. You could stash one in your bag so if you are in a general area and a fire blocks the only exit then you could use this to fight it. The amount of uses a small fire extinguisher brings are many. Read on!

The Design

Y'all know I love getting into the design of anything even if it was a bottle cap! Well this thing has an excellent non assuming design. It's perfect for an extinguisher. The directions to use it are pretty easy in layman terms. I could see someone using it, anyone really. The design is pretty minimalistic not much to talk about though.

The Future

Well the future looks pretty bright if we can keep fires from happening like they do. Look in the Midwest - West where we see elite firefighters getting overwhelmed by huge blazes. Sometimes these blazes which take brave men and women's lives could've been prevented. If this can help, I could see a future with less people dying.

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