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Saturday, July 13, 2013

HTML 5 Coding

     It wasn't too long ago since I've learned html and am still learning more. Never mind how long precisely, but I am going to start an html group to gather html coders and web developers. I like to code a site to look simple and clean and follow MDL. I am a high schooler, so please if you will, cut me some slack.
     I have been amazed by the power of pure html 5 and what you can do. I am on a quest to have more control of my html and I would like to learn more about it. Right now I am just coding in organic html 5 but I want to be able to do more even if I have to learn another programming language. So this could be interesting and I hope you will find the time to get on the hub and learn or teach us something. One of the quests I've been on is why we have to make a template instead of just pure coding each individual page. But that is why I need to learn. We learn from you and you learn from us! So this html 5 hub will be at

Friday, July 12, 2013

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 Winners

     Very interesting thing about one of the most well known tech competitions. Students from all over the world test there creativity and problem solving. Very interesting stuff here I must say! The winners were announced at St. Petersburg, Russia.  Four fellows from the UK won the Innovation division for their work on soundSYNK, a mobile app that can connect a virtually unlimited number of devices like Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android.

This is the future: Boompack

*This is the Future is a new series of posts showcasing products or concept art of products that could be the future of tech, culture, or art.

The Boompack by Massimo Battaglia
The Boompack

     I frequent Yanko Design a site you may see a lot of the concept art coming from. The first TISF article is about the Boompack: Brand new Ghetto Blaster. The backpack is supposed to be a retro throwback to the boomboxes carried by people in the Hip Hop community. Instead of a bulky rectangle with a cassette providing the beats the Boompack has speakers integrated in the backpack with a beautiful design. A smartphone provides the beats with the added benefit of a PICO projector. The entire package manages a science fiction look with ease coming in various colors with the same shape. Obviously no street performer has ever had all this awesomeness made into one spiffy looking package. It can stand by itself displaying a cool background for the performer who can broadcast his beats on the street-corner or for a DJ who wanted to do a special event. 

The Future

       Well I have to admit I have never seen anything like this before. A backpack you can stuff with a laptop, tablet, books, and anything else you have plus having the ability to broadcast the music you love loudly is amazing. The only drawback would be potential weight. The backpack weights 7.5 kg or 16.5lbs which is a lot. Carrying that on your back plus a laptop, tablet, a few books, and anything else you have could make it 20 to 23 pounds which if you were carrying it for say 30 minutes would hurt. Still if there was a way to make it lighter to about 14lbs (still all weights would be in theory) this would be my next. If it existed.

Girl Tech

Heyyyy gorgeous reader!

So, let's get started with the bare minimum basic: I'm NOT SPEAKING FOR ALL FEMALES! I'm particularly bubbly and like pastel-y pinks and stuff. But, I'm gonna speak for my girl tech! If you are a chica (or feminine chico), please feel free to leave a comment! It will, of course, be appreciated. But a bit about me. . .

If you saw my last post, you'll know a bit about me, but if you didn't, you can take time to read that now (or continue reading this, I don't dictate your life or run by the rules of grammar please note this horrible run-on!) Moving on to better grammar (and content), this post I'd like to tackle the things that make me nerdy. No, not quite a nerd, some of my other co-bros (the guys I'm blogging with here) get really upset when I call myself a nerd. But personally, when has being intelligent been a bad thing? Just sayin'. Anyway, in this post, I want to talk about my technology and why I use it!

First one: My laptop. OH GOSH MY BABY! Currently, it's an Asus VivoBook (the weird one with the touch screen that's 12" across and, like, seven inches deep), and I lovers it! It's pretty, durable, and have great recording abilities and sound. It's a step up from my last baby, but that was a few years old, too. I love Asus!
What do I use it for? What don't I use it for?! It's basically awesome! I edit videos, audio, and I write on it--primary uses. I do also stream on it, watch Youtube, and, of course, check out mah social medias. Those are the basic uses, and I absolutely love my Baby. She's doing a fantastic job keeping up with everything!
Any stickers? Soon! I'm getting this one, actually. And so excited!!! :3 (there will be pictures, promise~!!!)

Second: My (now dead) iPod. It was a 5th generation NaNo (last of the click-wheels for NaNo), and it functioned amazingly for while it did last! (I abused it horribly, so I'm not blaming anyone)
I'm a dancer, and so it was great for doing shows and stuff. I'm actually getting sad, though, because it died recently. *This song is on replay in my head. *sobsobsob*

Third: FLASHDRIVE. I'll let you imagine what I do with that. (hint: writing)

And I think that's all! I don't have much technology-wise. And as the only gal on this ship, I think that's pretty good. My fam does have gaming systems, and we stick to the Nintendo classics, but those systems aren't mine. ;)

Mmm... Yeah! See ya'll later!


*=I had no idea that song was seriously eight minutes long. I mean, seriously! The radio plays it for less than TWO MINUTES. How do you get less than two minutes out of eight? I'm so confused... (also, no disrespect meant by it.)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Network Speed Test

 I've been told a picture is worth a thousand words. Well out of the two screen shots I took (both look about the same) of Microsoft Research's Windows 8 Network Speed test it really is a tell all. App looks good, has some good information, and does what it implies.


Wow this is probably my shortest app review ever! App loads up fast because its a light app. It launches into a screen little chrome all content perfect MDL usage. Simple as shown you click start and it tests your internet connection which it advises not to do over a metered connection. Results were accurate I felt the ping was off but that's me and little bout. Anyway It showcases previous tests some were done while I was doing a lot thus the low scores. No sharing which made me sad but then it didn't advertise it.


Not much too say. Clean simple UI design much to my liking. Considering it was a home grown app I expected something that had something like this. Not a fan of the scrolling bar at the bottom, but that is a minor niggle.

5/5 Very few apps get this rating and this deserves it because it delivers what it says it does no more no less. Good app I recommend. No slideshow because wasn't much of a point it would be redundant.

KTLA goes behind the scenes at Microsoft

     A very interesting thing about the behind the scenes at Microsoft. KTLA got to check out parts of Microsoft that very few people ever get to see. The video takes you through a very interesting place. Visit for more!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello! ~From Jenn~

Hi everyone!

I'm here to ruin everything you thought about this place! *insert evil laughter* And why?

I'm a female. And not only that, I'm a Pegasister (Twilight Sparkle FTW!). And so, obviously, I'm addicted to everything cute and pink and pony. Because that's how all females are, right? (no, seriously. Check out my blog here. I basically follow every female stereotype EVER.)

Okay, but being more seriously. My life goal is to become a blacksmith and to live somewhere on the East Coast of the US of A--preferably, Maine. But, all in due time. In my free time, I like writing about zombies and horrible scientific experiments--and the young people who right them. I'm a Whovian at heart, and a Browncoat in head. I love technology and couldn't imagine my life without it, though sometimes I think it would be cool to live in Camelot with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Though I may love ponies, I love ravens more.

So, why am I here? I was recruited to do some book reviews, which I will write along with my NaNo novel and regular blog. I'm a lover of all genres, and will read whatever is asked of me! (and if you don't ask anything, then I'll just be... ya know... my own thang [aka I read a LOT of chick flicks so request or witness a horrible turn of events for this blog!])

Otherwise... I'm not hugely tech-savvy, I prefer to be more creative and artistic and not worry about the principles of the thing. I have trouble focusing sometimes because I'm slowly going blind, so staring at computer screens for to long can really hurt. :/ I do like walking or jogging when I get bored, though, which is a great way to get fresh air.

My favourite genre is chick flick, but I haven't been opened to very many others because my school's library is only just growing. At home, I own a lot of adventure novels that I love re-reading. :3

I'm always open to talking, and love hearing people's opinions! I feel like this is a dating service application...

Anyway, I hope I don't make too many changes! Any suggestions/ideas? You can comment or email me at

To find more about me, you can check out my blog and decide that maybe I'm too girly to handle! Hahaha.


Better Sound Quality

Experimenting with Sound 
      I recently read an article about "making your Bluetooth speaker sound better". It all comes down to acoustics. Different places in the room have different effects on the sound. It doesn't take a scientist to figure this stuff out really. Way back probably before fifth grade, I used to take speakers apart, experiment with it, and the whole kid thing that a lot of us did. Yes, we got in trouble, but you learned things that helped you get better sound or just fix things better than your parents ever could.
Sound Tips
     I quickly learned that speakers and subwoofers need a box or case of some sort. A subwoofer is basically a speaker that is meant to produce pure bass. Subwoofers need a thicker case and speakers need a thinner one. Put a subwoofer or speaker in the corner and the bass is magnified. You can even hear the much lower tones sometimes that was hidden when it was in the middle of the room.
     You might not be as much of an experimenter as me, but next time, give your speaker or sub a chance. Read the CNET article "How to make your Bluetooth speaker sound better". So as , would say it, "Try the Audiophiliac's simple experiments, and you might get better sound. It's easy to do, and it's free."
(Credit: Steve Guttenberg/CNET)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Book N Tech intro

(official) Twitter for Windows 8 app review


A lot of times official apps for WP8 or Windows 8 really really stink. The original Twitter app for Windows Phone was terrible. They updated it with a similar look (suited for portrait mode of course) and a more cleaner minimalistic style. The Windows 8 version is much better than I originally would have expected so much so I decided against installing MetroTwit or Rowi.


Well I do use Twitter a lot and the fact it updates its live tile with my latest interactions is really great. All I have to do is glance at the tile which saves time in my busy schedule. Another boon of the app is the 1/3 snap functions. It basically works like the WP8 app when you do a 1/3 snap (don't have Windows 8.1 so I can't do a 50/50 snap) it can do everything it does in regular mode a bit smaller though. That like Messenger makes it easier to multitask then having multiple windows open. It loads everything quickly with nice animations. Unlike other Twitter clients it shows all Twitter functions in a nice minimalistic view. The search is really useful and everything loads quick. You can share tweets from the app which I wasn't expecting a complete plus. I have literally NO complaints so far.


As an ardent follower of MDL which says put content first the app design is clean and minimalistic. The design is a bit spare with some empty space not too much. The app design I really have no qualms over which is vastly superior to the website or clients like Tweetdeck.

4/5 An excellent app with an excellent design. I do deduct some points for not displaying Twitter page art which I have always liked. A background or even a gallery of tattoos for the home feed would be nice. If you do use Twitter a lot I recommend this app.