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Look below for the current feature articles we do here on Book N Tech! For real really all we do is features, app/book reviews, and host Lloyd's Web Dev so below are the two features we run: The History Articles and This is the future.

The History Articles

  We take it for granted all that we have been blessed with in technology. The core essentials of modern society hinge on technology and we want to provide to you a little look in on how it flourished over the years with pictures, videos, and high quality in depth articles.

Check out below for links!

History of the Smartphone
History of the Ultrabook 
History of Microsoft Research
History of the Tablet
History of the Computer

In the works

History of the Laptop
History of Writing

This is the Future

    Well looking back on the past is good but it's nice to have a look at the future. We curate the best futuristic ideas from design competitions, blogger's blogs, and everywhere else on the World Wide Web. Enjoy what you see!

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